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East Ayton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
A group of ladies who enjoy traditional embroidery but who meet once a month to try some experimental work. We meet at Ayton Village Hall on the third Thursday in the month for a full day and again on the first Thursday for half a day. We currently have a waiting list of people who want to join us.

Sunday, 29 July 2018


I wasn't at the July meeting and so I don't know what they were all getting up to but I can tell you what I was doing.  I was in France with Crafty Retreats enjoying a whole weeks workshop with Cas Holmes.  I also had a day in Paris before I started on the workshop then traveled down on the train to Limoges where Phil picked me up and took me to the lovely home she shares with Fran.  There were seven of us on the course two German ladies who live in Hong Kong, one lady from Australia who was there with her husband (he spent a very relaxing week reading, drawing and writing) and four from the UK.  Cas kept us very busy the first few days but we got a day off to go to Aubusson to have a guided tour round the weaving factory. There are some good tutors going out next summer if you fancy a week away and still a few places available.  If you don't want to go quite so far, Fran and Phil also have a studio in Cornwall where they offer week long courses during the winter months.  Either way, the food Fran cooks will be wonderful.

Some photographs of the lovely area around Mallety.

This was in the Aubusson factory.  There were rooms full of threads on spools like this one.  Every colour and shade that you could think of.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Workshop with Jane Hare

What a brilliant day we all had.  Thanks go to Jane and Linda who put in so much work so that we could have a really good day.  Jane must have spent quite sometime preparing everything so that the day went smoothly and we all took home a pile of samples.  Linda spent all day in the kitchen with steamers and pans of boiling fabric and paper.  We were doing Eco-dyeing, sometimes called Botanical Dyeing, either way, we made some lovely pieces with it.  Everyone was tired at the end of the day but more than happy with what they had done.  I managed to remember to take photographs and have got loads here to show.
Firstly, we dyed pieces of an old pink wool blanket using just vinegar and water.

I photographed mine so I would be able to recognise the button when they all came out of the pans.

Next we did two long strips of wallpaper lining paper and four small squares of another paper which may have been tyvek but Jane wasn't too sure about that.  These were mordanted with an iron solution of ferrous sulphate.  Again I photographed my roll before putting it in the pot.

We had placed one piece of paper over the top of the other with the leaves between and got two copies of the same arrangement.
Next we did a length of cotton fabric with kitchen roll over the top.  This was dyed with an alum mordant. 

Some of the darker images didn't photograph so well because of the shadows in the hall.  Next we did watercolour paper with a vinegar mordant.  We each did 12 squares of these with two images of each leaf.

Our last pieces were 12 pieces of cartridge paper and no mordant was used.  Everything was timed so that the last pieces went into the pot as the first pieces were ready to come out. A really great day, can't recommend it enough.