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East Ayton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
A group of ladies who enjoy traditional embroidery but who meet once a month to try some experimental work. We meet at Ayton Village Hall on the third Thursday in the month for a full day and again on the first Thursday for half a day. We currently have a waiting list of people who want to join us.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

July Meeting

Today we started looking back as some of the things we have already done to give the new comers a chance to try out different techniques and fabrics that they have not come across before.  We started with Kunin felt which is made from plastic bottles and therefore melts when it is heated.  We made these little medieval tiles, painting bondaweb and attaching to a backing.  From there we add vilene to the back of the backing fabric on which we have drawn our design.  Adding the kunin felt to the front of the fabric over the bondaweb we then stitched round the design with cotton thread and also added a border round the edge.  We cut away excess kunin felt from between the design and the border and then zapped the remaining with a heat gun which melted away the kunin felt in small patches to create a distressed effect.  The remaining felt can then be painted to create a toning piece of work.
Everyone enjoyed doing this, some for the second time as they have been with the group from the start.  Other members brought their own work to do but we haven't started a theme yet although there was some discussion about postcards and another themed display.

Here are some of the tiles we did.

Moira was finishing off some work from the Embroiderers' Guild Regional Summer School.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

June Meeting

Not an awful lot to report this month,  We welcomed a new member, Yvonne and set out a plan for the coming year.  We are not starting on our new topic until about September and in the intervening months we are going back to the start of the group and looking at some of the new techniques, fabrics and equipment you can now use in textile work.  We had a quick look at making printed papers as a start for ideas for printing fabric or making an embroidery of your own design.  We also looked at how to isolate a small area in a photograph or picture to inspire a piece of work.  I think work will start next month with Kunin felt and how to use it.

Exhibition at Picturesque Gallery

Our three week run at Picturesque Gallery comes to an end tomorrow and it has been quite a success.  We displayed most of the 'Under the Canopy' work and all the postcards and it filled the available space.  It looked very different to the exhibition at Ayton as the background wall was white and it is a 'gallery' space rather than the boards that we have and that give a more individual display.  See what you think:

Monday, 15 May 2017


We had an excellent turn out for our exhibition this weekend and they were treated to a wonderful display of work by all the talented ladies in this group.

I was a bit worried that we wouldn't have enough room for all the work, they had done so much but we managed to find space for everyone on our new display boards.  They proved to have been a good buy and we are now a mobile exhibition, so if anyone wants us to grace their village hall or gallery for a few days, we could probably oblige.

Besides all the wonderful work done for the 'Under the Canopy' section, we had a table full of 'Blue' pieces and two tables of work from workshops.  The postcards took up both side of a display board and with the sales table a raffle, the hall was nicely full.  Our thanks to Val and Angela who provided us with a sales table of their work to which some of our members contributed some of their own work, thus creating a lovely selection of goodies to buy.

If you couldn't make the exhibition this weekend or you have a friend who may be interested, do come along to Picturesque Framing Workshop and Gallery, 8-10 St. John's Road, Scarborough, YO12 5ET between the 6th and 23rd of June daily from 10am to 4pm except Sunday and we will be in the gallery upstairs.

Here are some photographs to whet your appetite. Please excuse my photography.

Our new banners brought quite a few people in.  Several husbands having to do U turns to drive back to us.

Liz's lovely display of machine embroidery opened the show.

Space was so tight that Fran and Christina had to share  a space.

Barbara's Bedouin tent.  The wool scarf was woven by her using shetland wool and sari silk.

One of our newer members, Mavis, still had time to produce all these pieces.

Another new member, Ann hand sewed all this lovely picture of a child asleep under the canopy of her buggy.

Wouldn't you love to be out in the rain if your umbrella was as pretty as Maureen's.

Our cyanotype workshop

This was when we got 'plastered' with Maggie Smith

Everyone's depiction of 'Blue'.

Finally, our postcards, which once again was very popular with the visitors.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April Meeting

Almost a full house this week and a welcome to another new member.  Everyone busy finishing off for the exhibition or in some cases, sitting back and doing other things as they have finished!  Jackie spent the day making a banner for us to hang outside to advertise the exhibition which looks great.  Jackie on the sewing machine, Cath ironing and Caroline picking out stitch and tear - made a good team.  Anyone who can, come and see us on either the 13th or 14th May between 10am and 4pm at Ayton Village Hall, YO13 9HY.  We will have tea and cake at the ready and a sales table and raffle as well as a brilliant collection of work.  There is a cafe nearby if you want something more substantial and you can spend the rest of the day by the seaside or in nearby Forge Valley which is a beautiful spot.

A preview of some of the postcards we have all been doing.

This might be Pam's work, certainly someone who has finished their 'Under the Canopy'

Maureen is doing Shashiko work and it looks lovely.

This I think is one of Colleen's many books.

This is Mavis's snail trails.

Working on the banner
This is what the finished banner will look like, and everyone has used up a little piece of fabric from their stash!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Maggie Smith workshop.

Last week we had a wonderful workshop with Maggie Smith.  Get Plastered was the title and we certainly did.  A nice slow, steady workshop working at our own pace made it really enjoyable and we were still all shattered at the end of the day.  Maggie showed us how to apply our plaster and then work into it to get patterns and designs onto it.  Later, we painted the now dry plaster achieving some really nice pieces to display in our exhibition.  Don't forget, Saturday 13th May and Sunday 14th May, at Ayton Village Hall from 10am to 4pm.  I can guarantee you a feast of textile work.

These are some of the pieces hanging out to dry.

 I think these bottles are Liz's work.

More work out to dry and a nice picture of my feet.

It's a shame you can't see the designs clearly in these pictures so you must come to the exhibition to see them properly.