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A group of ladies who enjoy traditional embroidery but who meet once a month to try some experimental work. We meet at Ayton Village Hall on the third Thursday in the month for a full day and again on the first Thursday for half a day. We currently have a waiting list of people who want to join us.

Monday, 12 May 2014


What a brilliant exhibition we had this weekend, despite the weather being very showery.  Lots of people came on both days, some of them on Sunday had been told about us by visitors on Saturday.  One comment we received several times was how good it was to have an exhibition of this quality in this area.  So well done ladies.  I took over 60 photographs and I shall make most of them into a booklet but it's a bit too many to sit here downloading onto the blog, so I am just showing one picture of each persons work and the 'Chinese Whispers'. 

The topic of the exhibition was 'Elements' and this was everyone's interpretation.

Shirley did a wonderful display using all four elements, earth, air, water and fire.  This cliff was the star attraction of her display, especially the gull which was made by her husband.

Roma took a monthly photograph of the sky outside her window and used mark making to interpret the clouds.
Moira did 'Earth' and rock strata, soil strata and fossils in this lovely display.

Liz put all four elements into her first picture and the second represents water as snowflakes.
Christina also did 'Earth' showing the change in farming from medieval to modern day

Barbara has taken 'Rainbow's' as her theme using her talent at weaving to make the cushion and blue cloth.

Christine's piece based on the Escher drawing, fascinated everyone.  It is still a work in progress but we all hope she completes it as we are waiting to see the finished piece.

Ann has also chosen 'Earth' and has used mirrors to create these lovely mirror image patterns based on photographs she has that were taken in Australia. 

Jenny uses such subtle colours in her work, these I think are based on photographs taken in France.

Angela has chosen 'Water' as her theme and as we live by the sea she has used the sea in her work.
Val has chosen 'Titanium' as her element and the periodic table.  I have unfortunately cut off her free standing pieces in this picture but she has used them to hold the plants that you can see.

Pamela has used 'Water' for some of her work and also 'Copper, Lead and Gold' for other pieces.
Maureen's pot on the right has featured in earlier blogs when she was making it.  She has used 'Iron' for her theme and based it on a photograph of an old engine that she then distorted on the computer.

Marilyn has done a piece for each element and this is her 'Fire, Air and Water' pieces.

Ann went for 'Water', the piece on the left represents a whirlpool from the southern hemisphere.

Anita chose 'Earth' using memories from a holiday in Peru.  The piece on the left represents the landscape and the minerals mined in Peru.  The piece on the right, is the earth godess Pachamama and some of the crops grown in Peru.

Barbara produced a lovely piece based on a Hokusai painting.  The scarf on the right is hand woven.
Ann is our newest member and didn't have time to do any work on the Elements but this is a piece of her batik work representing sunflowers.

Chinese Whispers number 1.  The photograph is of a windmill, taken at an odd angle.  Most of the pieces of work follow through quite clearly coming from the same design.

Chinese Whispers number 2.  The photograph is of a French antique shop with lots of pots outside and flowering plants in tubs.  How this became a seascape I am not sure.  The first piece of work was based on some of the designs found on the pots and this follows through for a while but then changes completely.

We had fun doing these, and I hope everyone will enjoy the next challenge as much.

Also on display were items from the workshops we did and they all looked really good, we have done a lot of work over the past two years.

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